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Our Establishments

In June of 2020, our Founder Angel Medina re-opened the doors to his beloved La Perlita Café in Northwest Portland. 

In November of 2020 our team launched their first version of the República restaurant. 

In 2022 we launched 6 more concepts and renamed our growing group República & Co. 

República & Co. is composed of a number of Restaurants, Coffee Shops, a Coffee Roastery, and a Bakery. 


All of them located in the city of Portland, Oregon. 


    A Mexico-Forward Chef's Tasting Experience

    By Executive Chef Jose "Lalo" Camarena

    Wednesday - Sunday.
    4:30 pm - 8:30 pm

    7 Course & 10 Course Chef's Tasting Dinner (only), priced at $128 per person and $150 per person, respectively.

    Reservations highly encouraged, via OpenTable.

    Final seating at 8:30 pm.

    100 NW 10th Ave
    Portland, OR 97209

    Located on the corner of NW 10th & NW Couch Street
    (across the street from Powell's Book Store)

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    About República

    República is the best Mexico-Forward restaurant in the country.
    What does that mean, really?

    It means that when our young Chef Jose “Lalo” Camarena dreams up a plate, he does it understanding the intentionality of the restaurant. There are a number of rules in place to assure that our offerings pay respect to the food from the country that is now Mexico.

    We ask ourselves...
    Is there a meaningful historical connection between this dish and the culture?
    Are the components of the dish currently in season? Can we source them locally?
    Is it beautiful when plated?
    Does the taste match the beautiful aesthetics of the plating?

    Essentially what we aim to do is create original dishes and present them with historical roots in an etymology which oftentimes has very little to do with what we now call Mexico. That is a lot to ask of a Chef.

    It means that, in order for us to hold our culture and our cuisine in high regard, we first have to acknowledge that much of it did not belong to us in the first place. Everything from the foundational dishes with maiz – first created by the Olmecs, Toltecs, Mayas, Aztecs – to the mole recipes that feature ingredients originally from Asia and Africa, were another culture's to begin with. 


    It is with these acknowledgements, this level of intentionality in mind, we call our cuisine, “Mexico-Forward." 

    Course 7 by Chef Lalo

    Lilia Comedor

    Pacific Northwest Cuisine through the eyes of a Mexican-American Chef

    By Executive Chef Juan Gomez

    Wednesday - Sunday
    5:00 pm - 9:30 pm

    Chef’s Counter & A La Carte

    Reservations encouraged, via Resy and OpenTable.

    3159 S. Moody Ave
    Portland, OR 97239

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    About Lilia Comedor

    Lilia is like no other restaurant in this city. 

    We know because we made it this way by design. 

    It's our way of letting the world know that not everything should follow a format.

    That a restaurant, no matter how new or small, can have a Chef that goes to the Farmer's Market just about every day and dream up something entirely new and beautiful with the ingredients he found.

    In addition, every person working in that Restaurant can accurately share with you how that new dish came to be and where every one of its components came from, showing you that Pacific Northwest cuisine can look very different through the eyes, perspective, and skill of a young Mexican-American Chef. 

    All of this while treating you like a guest in their dining room, or Comedor.

    De Noche

    Mexican classics, modern techniques + seasonal ingredients

    By Chef Dani Morales

    Wednesday - Sunday
    5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

    Chef’s Counter & A La Carte

    Reservations encouraged, via Resy and OpenTable.

    422 NW 8th Ave
    Portland, OR 97209

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    About De Noche

    This one is pretty simple, we just wanted to have a space that allowed us to bring you beautifully executed Mexican cuisine.

    5 days a week, Chef Dani curates a nostalgic dining experience inspired by the humility of her upbringing and her continued growth and mastery of this cuisine.

    This was our original intention when we opened República back in 2020: a place that would introduce folks to dishes from all over the Republic of Mexico, from Tetelas Mixtecas, Memelas Veracruzanas, Quesadillas Oaxaqueñas, to Tacos Yucatecos. We serve many traditional dishes that play homage to their place of origin, but use modern cooking techniques, giving you a different interpretation that reflects the skill of our kitchen.

    Yes, we know that this is a big undertaking, but again this is what sets this little operation apart.


    Caza del Mezcal

    By Chef Dani Morales

    Wednesday - Sunday

    5:00 pm - 12:00 am

    Cocktails & Bar Menu

    Reservations encouraged, via OpenTable.

    422 NW 8th Ave
    Portland, OR 97209

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    About Comala

    This is Comala, Casa del Mezcal.
    At the moment, there are about 85 Mezcales on our shelves. There are 4 seats at this bar, reserved for tastings. A bit like an Omakase table, only instead of fish, we have beautiful Mezcal.

    This is not a mezcaleria or cantina.

    This isn’t that “new Portland” vibe nor a “faux” historic spirit bar.

    We don’t have big brand mezcales or anything made with diffusers.

    Comala is a beautiful but ambitious little bar that celebrates the work of the people from the country we love dearly.

    3 Restaurants,
    1 Cocktail Bar,
    3 Coffee Shops, and a Roasting Company. 

    We love food - we don't hide this. 
    We do however understand that without our cafés, we would not have any of our restaurants. After all, you fell in love with our Coffee first!

    We have 3 Cafés: La Perlita, Electrica, and our newest café, Cadejo. 

    In addition, we have our little roasting company, Reforma Roasters, who keeps all of us fueled day in and day out. 

    La Perlita

    ¡Cafecitos Chingones since 2017!

    7 Days a week.
    8:00 am - 4:00 pm

    Espresso Drinks and Pourovers. 

    Pan Dulce by Doña Geo.

    50 free Conchas on Sunday!

    5620 N. Interstate Ave
    Portland, OR 97217

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    About La Perlita

    This is where it all began.
    Before there was a James Beard nominated Restaurant or the thought of having one of the fastest growing Restaurant Groups in the country, there was La Perlita.

    The work of founders Angel Medina & Axel Villa, what was once a cute, amicable little coffee stand has given us all one of the best Mexican restaurants in the country, República.

    La Perlita has since transitioned into its own stand-alone space in North Portland. Still as humble and opinionated on topics about our culture and its people, as well as on who the actual GOAT is...doesn’t matter if we are talking about athletes or Mexican composers, aquí hay de todo!

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    Electrica Coffee

    Mexican Coffee + Japanese Tea

    Tuesday - Sunday
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm

    Espresso Drinks, Pourovers, and a well curated selection of Japanese Teas.
    Pan Dulce by Doña Geo.


    2181 NW Nicolai Street
    Portland, OR 97210

    About Electrica Coffee

    Established in November of 2022 and quickly regarded as one of the best coffee shops in be fair, we didn’t say that, someone else did.

    We do however strongly believe that Electrica is like no other coffee shop in the city.

    There is tremendous intentionality behind having a harmonious blend of cultures represented in one space, inspired by the backgrounds of our Founders (Mexican & Japanese).

    Located inside of the Schoolhouse Electric Building in Northwest Portland, Electrica is the proud work of Seiji Nanbu and the team at República & Co.

    Cadejo Coffee

    A cafe and workspace in the heart of the Pearl

    Sunday - Saturday

    Closed Thursday

    8:00 am - 4:00 pm
    Espresso Drinks, Pourovers, and Pan Dulce by Dona Geo.

    804 NW Couch Street

    Portland, OR 97209

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    About Cadejo Coffee

    Established in October of 2023, Cadejo Coffee is our newest addition to the Republica & Co. group.

    With a lifelong passion for Coffee, former GM of Lilia Comedor, Jacob Abea commits himself to bringing Portland the best Coffee available, brewed with the utmost attention to quality and care.

    Located inside of the ArtHouse Building in Northwest Portland, Cadejo is set to become a must-try staple of the Pearl.

    Reforma Roasters

    Con Calma Y Con Toda El Alma.

    The fuel to all of our operations!
    Reforma Roasters is the work of Angel Medina, our Founder. It is a project that was founded out of love for Coffee and our Community.

    No really, we know how cliché that phrase sounds, but the reason this company started was to raise funds for DACA recipients in 2017, right as the political ideology of this country began shifting to became even more anti-immigrant. 

    At the moment, we source 90% of our Coffee from states in Mexico such as Oaxaca, Veracruz, Chiapas, Nayarit, Guerrero, Puebla, and occasionally Colima.

    You can find all of our rotating roasts on our website.

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