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"Where can I find your Menus?"

This is one of the most common questions we receive. 
There isn't a simple answer, as every one of our establishments is very different from one another. 

For starters, República is a Chef's Tasting Dinner which consist of mostly original dishes using components and techniques that are not very easy to explain. We can tell you that most of the food contains "corn, peppers, spices, and some form of animal protein" , but that doesn't tell you anything!

At Lilia, we proudly boasts our "hyper-seasonal" menu, which for the most part most of the components change almost daily. 

And De Noche, well, that one is a little more permanent but even then, many of the components are based on seasonality. 
Besides, even if we told you that x-dish contain "chitepin, pepicha, xoconostle, and huitlacoche" you would only message us back asking what is "chitepin, pepicha, xoconostle, and huitlacoche?".


It is way too complicated, best thing we can suggest is that you make us aware of your dietary restrictions ahead of time. We promise we will do our best to accommodate you.

Republica cannot accommodate parties larger than 6 guests. 

We are always happy to Host Buy-Out events with enough notice. 
De Noche and Lilia have some fleixibility on larger parties. 

Our hours of operation are limited

The best way to reach is still by email:

Other random things

Some of our restaurants have a built-in Hospitality Service charge.
Please know that this allows us to pay our employees a much higher working wage. 

Our food is sacred. 
To us and to our employees. 

If you don't like the format of our dining experience you are not obligated to make a reservation. 

We are always happy to accommodate dietary restrictions, however we will not accommodate the way we choose to curate our food for you. 

This doesn't often happen, when it does certain Guests tend to take out their disaffection with our staff.
Be nice to our team, it's not their fault we chose to create a format that you couldn't appreciate. 

For more information, booking and requests
Contact Us
Large Parties

We have but one phone number which we use to confirm upcoming reservations. 
Please be patient if you cannot reach us day of, we are still too small to pay someone to answer phones.

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